Gearbox + Bearings Version 2

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Κωδικός προϊόντος: 9020171120
Εναλλακτικός κωδικός: 16592
Barcode: 5707843039420

Λιανική: 74,90 

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Gearbox + Bearings Version 2

Version 2 gearbox shell with bearings.

The ULTIMATE® Upgrade Series gearbox shell is cast in high-strength casting materials to ensure the box is able to endure the extra stress an upgrade will put on the box.
The gearbox are equipped with taps controlling the lining of the case preventing the box from twisting under the stress.

  • Unique serial numbers

  • High strength hex-screws

  • High performance 8mm steel bearings

  • ULTIMATE® selector plate

  • Low friction chromium plating

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